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Move Beyond Survival

Created: January 1, 2021

If you're reading this, then congratulations - you've survived 2020 and successfully reached 2021; I am glad to have you here.

Now, allow me to be blunt: nothing has changed since yesterday. There is no magic inherent in that 1 replacing a 0.

Perhaps you feel differently - feel better, even. That's nice! But moods are temporary.

Real, lasting change only comes from repeated and consistent action.

In order to improve your situation, your environment, your team, you have to act, exert a new force. The habits, processes, and systems you already have in place have gotten you exactly where you are now. The calendar flipping over didn't exert any new force for you. You can't build something greater without introducing a new force. I want great for you and your team. I hope you want that, too.

I don't know what that force is. I don't know what hyper-effective habit, or friction-less process, or shiny new tool will get you closer to great. What I do know is if you're not reflecting honestly on where you are now, and if you're not crystal clear on what great means for you, then you can't know those things either. In order to get that clarity, you're going to have to allow yourself to slow down, to pull your head and your hands out of client work, to shift your focus away from the "crazy" present towards that great future - a more serene future for you and your team.

Allow yourself and your team the time to explore that future, narrow your focus, set your intent, and act.

Enjoy the holiday and the weekend; come back on Monday ready to do better than just survive in 2021.