SuiteScript Coaching

"I need clearer examples, better documentation, coding exercises, and tutorials."

When it comes to learning SuiteScript, I often hear things like:

"The official documentation is poor, requires a NetSuite login, has errors, is incomplete, and is difficult to search."
"Everything I am doing is on my own, in addition to my full-time job. I can't just be gone for a week to do training."
"The consultants I knew who could write their own scripts were by far the best consultants."

These are almost verbatim quotes from other NetSuite users trying to learn SuiteScript, just like you.

Get un-stuck learning SuiteScript through clear guidance and examples.

When you join, you'll gain direct access to my own deep SuiteScript development experience.

You'll get the support and guidance you need to become a confident, competent NetSuite developer.

Lea Celosa Columna

SuiteScript Developer

"Having competent technical skills is one thing but having the ability to teach it is an entirely different skill set. Eric has both. He articulates the subject well in a way that anyone with any level of knowledge could understand. He can answer various questions about the topic off the top of his head. When you speak to him, you can sense that mentoring and coaching are his innate qualities. No one can teach SuiteScript better than Eric. No one. If you're looking for a SuiteScript coach, Eric is the guy. I can't think of anyone else."

Danny Mashburn

SuiteApp Developer

"This program has made getting started in SuiteScript 2.0 a lot faster than I expected, with a lot less banging my head against the wall."

Shane Crenshaw

Shane Crenshaw

SuiteScript Developer

"I know an almost infinite amount more due to you and your coaching than I would have."

Alieno Torres

Alien Torres

SuiteScript Developer

"... it worth the investment, specially when you are stuck or with a problem you just come here ask and BOOM problem solved ..."

Built for those who would like more day-to-day advice and interaction with a community of fellow students, the SuiteScript Coaching Program gives you access to a private Slack room with myself and fellow students.

By joining this program, you will:

  • get 24/7 access to expert advice and answers via Slack
  • learn SuiteScript faster by being part of a community of learners
  • be more productive as you get quick assistance when you are stuck on a project
  • learn best practices as you receive real-time code reviews for any SuiteScript you write and new resources to research
There is no other way to get individualized SuiteScript coaching like this.

If at any time in your first 30 days, you are unhappy with the program, I will refund 100% of your payment.

The fee for the SuiteScript coaching program is $199 / month.

You can cancel at any time, so that you are in complete control of your costs. I think of cancelling as graduating, so I'll actually be excited that you're ready to move out on your own.

Stay as long as you'd like; cancel whenever you'd like.

Questions? Need a coach but can't afford it? Email me ( your story.

Not sure yet?

This introductory email course will get you started with SuiteScript on your own, for free: