Advanced Searching in SuiteScript

Learn to Build Complex Searches in SuiteScript

Searches, reports, and analytics are some of the most commonly requested NetSuite customizations a SuiteScript developer is asked to create. In order to build these types of features, you must have a solid foundation of knowledge on SuiteScript's searching capabilities.

Advanced Searching in SuiteScript builds on the foundation established in Basic Searching in SuiteScript; it is intended to help you create more advanced, complex NetSuite Searches using the SuiteScript API.

Chapter 1: What if I have more than 4000 Results?

Example: Retrieve all of our active Customers, Prospects, and Leads

You'll learn:

  • Two different methods for obtaining more than the 4000 Result limit imposed by SuiteScript
  • How to use SuiteScript's Paging API for Search Results
  • How to control the Page Size in your Results
  • A concise way to count the number of Results for a Search

Chapter 2: Summary Filters and Columns

Example: Which Employees have logged more than 40 hours this week?

You'll learn:

  • How to leverage SUM, MAX, MIN, COUNT, and AVG Summaries in your Filters and Columns
  • How to express Summary Filters in both Filter Expressions and Filter Objects

Chapter 3: Formula Filters and Columns

Example: Which Time Entries were created more than 7 days after the work was completed?

You'll learn:

  • How to leverage SQL formulas in your Search Filters and Columns
  • How to  compare the values of two different Result Columns
  • How to read Results correctly when you have multiple Formula Columns of the same type
  • How to concisely flatten a Search Result into a JavaScript Object

Chapter 4: Searching for the Absence of Something

Example: Which Employees have no Time Entries in the past week?

You'll learn:

  • A pattern for combining multiple Search Result sets to find "absent" data
  • Two powerful JavaScript Array manipulation methods: filter and some

Chapter 5: Internal IDs in Search Results

Example: What's the Internal ID for this Search Result?

You'll learn:

  • How to retrieve the Internal ID for a standard Search Column
  • How to retrieve the Internal ID for a Summary Column

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