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My name is Eric T Grubaugh. Since 2012, I've been in the NetSuite software development space writing code, managing developers, teaching developers, and advising leaders. Over those years, I've come to believe there is a massive opportunity to improve both the quality of life and the quality of engineering in this little niche. With its extremely small talent pool, little to no differentiation among partners, and commoditization pressuring rates downward and work hours upward, this is a challenging space to run a software practice - but it can certainly be done, and more than that, it can be done in a sane, sustainable way that rises above the race to the bottom and doesn't drive developers to burnout.

I call Fort Collins, CO home, along with my wife, son, and one ancient cat.

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Eric T Grubaugh advises NetSuite development leaders on building sane, sustainable software practices through continuous improvement coaching and consistent, timely feedback cycles.

He writes "Sustainable SuiteScript" - a daily email newsletter exploring the mindset and the business of running a successful software practice, and he co-hosts "SuiteScript Stories" - a podcast for the NetSuite development community.


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